Rogue Daters Tips For Safe Online Dating


Don't Be In Too Much Of A Rush

Take things slowly.  Get to know the person behind the profile.  Ask questions and really give some thought to  the answers given.

Hold Back On Personal Information

Remember, until you really know the person you do not know their motives.   Do not be too quick to share personal information.  Get peace of mind from Rogue Daters to help with safety whilst exploring the world of online dating and dating websites.

Discuss The Profile With Your Family Or Friends

Get a family member or friend to take a look at the other persons profile and possibly some of the messages that have been exchanged.    Let them give it the once over without attached emotions.

Stay Within The Dating Website Messenger As Long As Possible.

This will ensure you do not pass your personal details over such as your mobile phone number or address too quickly.

Arranging To Meet

Once you have reached the point that you would like to meet up with somebody, ALWAYS, meet in a public place and let somebody know where you are going and who you are meeting.

NEVER ..........

NEVER pass over any financial information.  Never give anybody your bank details no matter how long or frequently you have been talking to them.