Jake Quickenden - TV Personality

NOT Cameron 28 on Tinder

Yet again we find another well known person having their pictures used, without permission and to probably romance scam some innocent person who is looking for love..


Quote from Jake Quickenden

At the end of the day it's wrong for some weirdo to try and exploit girls or boys by being a fake profile!

Charlie Jones - Singer / Songwriter UK

Charlie Jones - Singer / Musician - UK

This is A Rogue Dater

This is an example of a Rogue Dater as the photograph used is that of Charlie Jones from the UK.   He is a well known successful singer. musician and actor based in London.   This creator of this profile wants  you to believe that he is a 21 year old called Blaze who is studying at California State University.   It could be anybody behind this profile.  

Quote From Charlie Jones

"There's even a bloody instagram account under Blazes name with like 35k followers on Instagram using all my photos and videos"


William Uchemba - Actor - USA

These photographs belong to the American actor William Uchemba and NOT Oliver222, a 30 year old from Manchester, UK. If you look through the profile details it lists his ethnicity as white. This does not match the photographs and therefore raises a red flag. Please be aware to carefully check all details of a profile.