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The Dangers Of A Rogue Dater

The moment you create your dating profile you may be filled with intrigue and excitement at what the future may hold.   Whilst it is important at this stage to remember there are many people creating true profiles, just as you have done, there are also a number of profiles that contain fake information.  Most dating sites do try hard to verify all those that sign up but it is an impossible task and many fake profiles do slip through this process.  If you are unlucky enough to strike up a conversation with the person behind a rogue profile, things can escalate very quickly, personal information is shared and things can get very quickly out of control.  


The Worries You May Face

 Through our own personal past experiences with online dating we understand the worries that you may face.

Can I  trust the people I meet online?

Are they being truthful?

Are they  dangerous?

Do they have ulterior motives?

I cannot tell my family that I am using online dating sites

I have been asked for money, what should I do?

We are able to help with all of these issues.


More About Us

Rogue Daters Ltd is a team led by founder Samantha Cooper who has applied her investigations skill set to provide you with a safer world online.

"We can help you if you have doubts about the person you have connected with". 

"We have encountered every scenario you can imagine so please be assured that we are non-judgemental and every call will be dealt with compassion and professionalism.

Today we have a team of investigators ready to put your mind at ease and allow you to move forward, trust and fall in love.

We are skilled in due diligence, profiling, tracing and have an excellent knowledge of the online dating world.

In order to comply with current Data Protection laws we will only process personal data where there is a legitimate interest to do so. We will also request a copy of your identification for our files.

Client Feedback

'I feel I have really learned a lot after reading your report which I received on Friday'

Simon, Merseyside

'Rogue Daters quickly confirmed everything I think in my heart I already knew, which gave me the strength to end things'

Yvonne, Manchester

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and allowing me to speak to you on the phone when I was on the verge of having a meltdown'.

Ali, London

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You can call us on 020 8150 6869

Email us at info@roguedaters.co.uk

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